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About us

  • Vadakayil Bravo Project is an initiative driven by vision of Captain Ajit Vadakayil (World’s No.1 Writer) to support Bharatamata and Sanatana Dharma.

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  • Vadakayil Bravo Project was founded in 2021. It is involved in selling custom printed or designed lifestyle products.

  • Vadakayil Bravo Project profits are for nation building, reviving Sanatana Dharma, powering silent revolution of Kalki consciousness.

  • Vadakayil Bravo Project is involved in providing customized products especially for people who want to support Bharata by showcasing our merchandise products. We are constantly striving to introduce customized products which reflect the glory of our country. Hence, we use both drop-shipping and local inventory model(via courier provider) based on customization, nature and availability of products. We are continuously striving to introduce more customized products in the future, shipping models may vary for different products as we expand in the future.

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